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Our Articles Published in Mass Media:



市面上大部份的寵物護理產品,跟人類用的產品一樣,含有不少人造成份!國際非謀利環保組織【The Environmental Working Group (EWG) 環境工作組織】就曾經在狗和貓身上採集樣本,結果發現我們的寵物不幸地與人類一樣,被類似的人造物質污染 ……閱讀全文


不少朋友都有浸浴或足浴的習慣,但一般都會用浴鹽,其實除了浴鹽還可以選擇有機香草。香草浸浴是一種古老的療法,早於古埃及、巴比倫時代已經流行,配搭不同香草達至各種護膚、保健的功效,例如舒緩和鬆馳緊張、舒緩肌肉和關節疼痛、促進血液循環、提升皮膚柔軟度或舒緩感冒 ……閱讀全文




秋冬護膚少不了要護理雙手,尤其今個冬天彷彿特別凍和乾燥,濕度經常徘徊在30%左右,很多朋友都覺得皮膚非常痕癢、乾燥甚至爆拆,手部皮膚是重災區之一 ……閱讀全文


想頭髮健康強韌有光澤,毛囊健康是基本要求!不少天然有機洗頭護髮產品所含的香草、天然油同精油等成份,在清潔頭皮頭髮之餘,不會過度去除本身的天然油脂,因此不會破壞頭皮頭髮本身的水份 ……閱讀全文


好多朋友講起清潔用品,不論是洗頭水、梘液、潔面乳,都會第一時間諗會唔會起泡、易唔易起泡,覺得要洗得乾淨就一定要起泡,起泡能力就等於清潔能力……這說法是真的嗎?要回答這個問題,便要知道是什麼令產品起泡? ……閱讀全文

不可忽視的真相  「天然」和「有機」不盡相同!

「天然有機」近幾年越來越流行,一講起大家都會覺得這是個好東西,但什麼才是真正天然有機?今日先談談許多不少朋友都忽略了的真相。首先「天然」和「有機」不盡相同!「天然」是指大自然本身已存在的東西或物質,例如水、空氣、植物、動物、甚至礦物。而「有機」就必須符合 ……閱讀全文


大家對品嚐葡萄酒應該不會陌生,去法國、意大利的酒莊參觀、品酒更是不少人旅行的目的。但原來除了葡萄酒,平日我們用來拌沙律、弄意粉、蘸麵包的橄欖油也一樣可以品嚐,品油師更是一個專業資格;橄欖油的學問其實十分博大精深 ……閱讀全文

On average, every woman will use 9 pounds of lipsticks for the whole life. Out of it, 30% will be swallowed; 65% of women will use lipsticks every day.  40% have over 20 pieces of lipsticks.

When eating, drinking and licking, lipsticks will unavoidably be swallowed into the stomach, unless you remove the lipsticks beforehand every time.  Now the question comes. Since so many people use lipsticks, every day and frequently, how should we choose lipsticks?  Shall we spend more time to look up the ingredients, just like our checking of the nutrition label when buying food items? ......FULL ARTICLE

Hair problems, like hair loss, drought and split ends, are concerns of many people.  Recent year, Silicone-Free / Non-Silicone hair products are becoming very popular among consumers.  Do you know what Silicone-Free means?  Do you think that Silicone-Free is equivalent to being natural and good quality?  If you think so, sorry, you’re wrong! 

The Silicone in cosmetics, including skincare and hair care products, is a kind of plastic polymer.  This is synethesized in factories by manufacturers by adding various elements into the mineral Silicon ...... FULL ARTICLE

When we talk about olive oil, you may easily associate it with Italian cuisine, salad and bread with vinegar.  In fact, originated from the Mediterranean, olive oil is good for both in-take and external application.

Extra virgin olive oil is one of the best beauty secrets.  It has the added advantage of containing strong antioxidants, making it a natural anti-aging ingredient.  These antioxidants help fight off free radicals which attack cells and speed up the aging process ......FULL ARTICLE


Acne is not only found in teenagers, it’s also common among adults, especially during the hot wet summer.  Most people relate acne to inadequate skin cleansing.  Yes, it may be true to some patients.  However overly or incorrectly cleansing may cause the damage of sebum membrane and in turn skin’s imbalance of water and sebum. 

Use of face cleanser with SLS/SLES (SLS / SLES is a cheap chemical ingredients for generating foam widely added in personal care products like face cleanser ......FULL ARTICLE

How to Get Rid of Dry Cracked Heels?  

In the hot summer, shorts, vest and mini-skirts are everyone’s likes.  If you’re sandals' lovers, it’s time to take a look at your feet.  Many people have dry cracked heels that they are very dry and with thick epidermis.  The cracks could be very eye catching.  What’s worse!  They could cause you pain and bleeding. 

How to heal the cracked heels? Step 1 …… FULL ARTICLE