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About Us

Estival Life has dedicated ourselves to introducing  only selected quality Certified Natural & Organic skincare and cosmetics products. We are the Official Distributor of BIOselect from Greece and AVA from Poland, French brand, Avril, US handcrafted organic brand Chagrin Valley as well as Organic Foods, because they

DO NOT use synthetic materials, petroleum products, harmful preservatives, synthetic fragrances and colors, ethoxylates, propylene glycol, PEGs, silicones, parabens or other chemical preservatives;

DO NOT do animal testing;

DO NOT use genetically modified organisms (GMO);

Are environmental friendly and use renewable raw materials in production; and

Use biodegradable or recyclable materials in packaging.



>> What is Organic Certification?

>> What is “Organic Cosmetics”?

>> Why Organic Cosmetics Need to be Certified? 

>> ECOCERT Standard

>> ICEA Standard 



Are lipsticks hazardous?

A rough estimation showed that on average, every woman would use 9 pounds of lipsticks for the whole life. Out of it, 30% would be swallowed. When eating, drinking and licking, lipsticks will unavoidably be swallowed into the stomach, unless you completely remove the lipstick beforehand every time.  Now the question comes. So many people use lipstick, every day and frequently, how should we choose lipstick?  Shall we spend more time on seeing the ingredient list, just like checking of the nutrition label when buying food items? ..... FULL ARTICLE

Silicone-Free means Natural and Good Quality?  

Hair problems, like hair loss, drought and split ends, are concerns of many people.  Recent year, Silicone-Free / Non-Silicone hair products are becoming very popular among consumers.  Do you know what Silicone-Free means?  Do you think that Silicone-Free is equivalent to being natural and good quality?  If you think so, sorry, you’re wrong!  The Silicone in cosmetics, including skincare and hair care products, is a kind of plastic polymer.  This is synthesized in factories by manufacturers by adding various elements into the mineral Silicon...... FULL ARTICLE