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Avril Organic Cosmetics and Skincare

Launched in 2012 in France, Avril sets their mission to make organic cosmetics affordable for every woman with the best quality and earnest care for ecology.

Contrary to conventional cosmetics which are composed of ingredients from the petrochemical industry, synthetic colourants and preservatives, organic cosmetics turn to more natural ingredients especially from organic farming.

Avril’s organic cosmetics are certified by ECOCERT (About ECOCERT >>). It guarantees the ecological characteristic of products for the consumers.

This is why a product certified organic by ECOCERT does NOT contain any genetically modified organism, paraben, phenoxyethanol, nano particles, silicon, glycol polythene, synthetic perfumes or colourants. Ingredients from animals (except those produced naturally such as honey, milk…) are also forbidden.

Moreover, ECOCERT’s Organic Cosmetics label guarantees that :
- 95% minimum of the ingredients are natural or of natural origin
- 95% minimum of the vegetal ingredients are produced by organic farming
- 10% minimum of the total ingredients are produced by organic farming

To conclude, the level of pollution from the production methods must be as low as possible and the packaging must be biodegradable or recyclable.  Whenever possible Avril reduces packaging: removing all unnecessary packaging, whenever possible use large packs in order to use less plastic. All in all this is to make less waste and lighter weight to reduce our environmental impact in transportation. 


Avril is very demanding about product quality: intense colours, comfortable textures, and with long lasting finish!

Each product is subject to strict quality controls: safety testing, stability and compatibility studies, control of raw materials and finished products, identification and traceability batches ... All these controls ensure product stability and the best tolerance.


- Colours are intense, bright and trendy

- Ingredients are natural and efficient

- Lasts all day long

One of signature products of Avril, an organic cosmetic brand from France, is the organic foundation.  There’re options of 5 colours that all offer you natural look by beautifying your skin colour and covering the imperfections.  Gently spreading a tiny amount with the Avril sponge would make your skin silky.  Finish with the Avril compact powder to leave you a fresh feeling and long lasing beauty.