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9 Common Skin-Care Mistakes

 By Estival Life _ 26 April 2018


Skin care is part of everyone’s everyday happenings.  However, this doesn’t mean everyone is doing daily skin care right.  On the contrary, there’re a few common mistakes most people commit without being aware of.


1)   You’re washing with foam cleanser containing SLS/SLES

Many people still think that an effective face cleansing needs a cleanser with foam / lather.  Unfortunately, they’re not aware that most of these foam cleanser products in fact contain SLS/SLES. It’s an inexpensive chemical ingredient widely used in many personal hygiene products, like shampoo, toothpaste, body wash, cleanser etc. and industrial cleaning agents too!  SLS can cause irritation of the scalp, gums and skin at just 1% (while many mainstream products contain 10-30%) and in some people the reaction will be quite strong. There’re also findings showing its link to hormone imbalance and in turn associating with symptoms like menopausal symptoms and lower rate of male fertility.


2)   You're washing with body wash product

If you're refusing to purchase a face cleanser, and you're still using body wash to cleanse your face every day, you're probably doing more harm than good. It’s simply because body wash will immediately strip your skin of all its water. This leads to a buildup of dead skin cells. Applying face cream is then meaningless too, as all it's doing is fixing the damage you just did.


3) Not applying face cream quickly enough after cleansing

It has to be done right away. 

If you aren't applying your face cream within one minute after cleansing, you aren't applying it at the right time.  When the skin is still damp, pores are open, your skin-care products like serum and face cream can easily be absorbed.  Applying face cream suitable to your skin type immediately will also eliminate that tight, dry feeling you might get after a shower or after washing your face.


4)   You're rubbing product into your skin

You might assume that in order to see the effects of a certain skin-care product, you need to really, really rub it in there. This actually isn't true. Instead you should always use light, gentle upward strokes when applying products to the face and neck.  Just treat it as a Spa massage with gentle motion.


5)    You're exfoliating too much or too little

Exfoliating is an important step in any skin-care routine as it helps to get rid of dead skin cells, making way for healthier ones to take their place. Unfortunately, many people take it way too far.  You should be exfoliating once or twice a week.  Remember when scrubbing, always be gentle and use water as “lubricant”.  All in all you are only to remove dead skin cells, but not to harm your skin.  Our recommended product is BIOselect’s Certified Organic Face Scrub.

For sensitive skin, we’d suggest your choosing of a product with finer texture, like AVA’s Certified Organic Peeling & Mask (Rice & Cucumber).


6)     You aren't changing your pillowcase enough

Make sure you're keeping it clean. 

You may not have realized that your pillowcase should be part of your skin-care routine. Many people make the mistake of not changing their pillowcase often enough, which can lead to acne.  Advice is to change your pillowcase every few days, and maybe even daily, especially if you don't wash all of your makeup off.

A silk pillowcase may also work even better, which can leave your skin softer and help with anti-aging.  They're also good for your hair.


7)   You're applying your skin-care products in the wrong order

Using the products in wrong order can render some of them ineffective, or at least less effective, which isn't really what you want if you're dropping a lot of money on these items.

Here’s the perfect order to apply your skincare products: make-up remover/cleanser > exfoliator > toner > treatments i.e. acne spot treatments > serum > eye cream > face cream > sun care.


8)     You're neglecting your neck

It's skin too! 

If your skin-care routine stops at your jawline, you're doing it wrong; your neck needs some love too. Your neck has thin skin and can age easily and often faster than other parts of your skin. Be sure to bring your face cream down to massage it into your neck as well. You can buy products specifically for that area, but a hydrating / nourishing face cream will do the trick.


9)    You’re not getting enough sleep and water

There’s a rule called “8-to-8”: eight glasses of water and eight hours of sleep! Water keeps skin cells hydrated—if you’re not drinking enough this can lead to dry and dull looking skin. While asleep your body and skin repairs, regenerates and rejuvenates—getting to bed that little bit earlier can help you achieve healthy and glowing skin.