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AVA Aloe Organic Line

Organic certified – as natural as cosmetics may be!

Can you imagine cosmetics that are free from chemical substances, pure, organic, and at the same time as efficient as ever?

The Aloe Organic series contains selected natural oils and active ingredients coming from organic farming. The ingredients efficiently soothe skin irritation, slow down skin aging, and have intensive skin hydrating, firming and revitalizing properties. The product formulas are based on a combination of aloe vera butter and organic aloe vera leaf juice with added fig opuntia extract.


Why fig opuntia and aloe vera?

Even before Christopher Columbus discovered America, American Indians used fig opuntia for healing and beautifying purposes owing to its antioxidation properties and a wealth of vitamin C, calcium and phosphorus. Fig opuntia extract features 4-in-1 action; it soothes skin irritation, deeply moisturizes and firms the skin, as well as smoothes wrinkles. In combination with pure aloe vera extract, it regenerates the epidermis, nourishes the skin and leaves it looking healthier and younger. Already the ancient Egyptians used aloe vera both for its healing and cosmetic properties. The shine in Cleopatra’s eyes is said to have been due to aloe vera eye drops, and queen Nefertiti owed her radiant skin colour to baths in aloe pulp and milk as part of her beauty regimen.


Aloe Vera juice: contains over 70 active substances with a soothing, intense moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effect. it cleanses the skin, soothes irritations, has antioxidation and astringent properties, as well as restores patency of sebaceous glands. It contains 10+ microelements including zinc, used i.a. in the treatment of skin with eczema and seborrhea, and magnesium lactate, which inhibits the process of creating histamine in the skin; histamine is responsible i.a. for allergic skin reactions.


Fig Opuntia extract: is rich in organic acids (apple, lactic, amber, wine acids), which support nourishment and regeneration of dry skin. It also contains a wealth of minerals (calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus) and vitamins (C, B6, thiamine, riboflavin). one litre of the highest quality fig opuntia oil is made from one million seeds, which are laboriously taken out of 500 kg of fruit in total. 



AVA ECO 有機蘆薈抗衰老精華素 A5195、AVA ECO 有機蘆薈抗衰老眼霜 A5201、AVA ECO 有機蘆薈抗衰老日霜 A5171、AVA ECO 有機蘆薈抗衰老晚霜 A5188、BIOselect 蘆薈曬後舒緩啫喱 B3105

AVA ECO 有機蘆薈抗衰老精華素 A5195AVA ECO 有機蘆薈抗衰老眼霜 A5201AVA ECO 有機蘆薈抗衰老日霜 A5171AVA ECO 有機蘆薈抗衰老晚霜 A5188BIOselect 蘆薈曬後舒緩啫喱 B3105、BIOselect 緊緻修護精華 AVA有機堅果油 A3764 、Avril 有機保濕滋潤(睡眠)面膜 C619 、AVA活肌卸妝潔面乳 A0817AVA活肌無酒精爽膚水 A0800(已享七折加購優惠除外)BIOselect 有機番梘—金盞花及牛油果油(嬰兒及敏感肌)B3301